Chainska Brassika

The mischievous rabble from London have been causing mischief since school, spreading their contagious horn driven ska anthems across the UK, mainland Europe and beyond.



Heather Fenoughty

Heather Fenoughty is an award-winning Composer and Sound Designer based in Sheffield, UK, with credits on BBC1, BBC3 and ITV1 documentaries, BBC2 and BBC4 feature films.



Jake Alder

Jake Alder is a UK-based Music Producer & Songwriter. He has previously been featured on ITV, Channel 4, BBC Introducing, MTV, Complex UK, The 405, & CLASH.

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Kermit Leveridge

Kermit was the original British b-boy, a Ruthless Rap Assassin and founder member of Black Grape, with a #1 album in the UK Charts and critically acclaimed world tours.

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Usually, I solve everyone else’s problems but I found myself stuck in my own career dilemma. Whilst I relish the accounting and analysis of the company royalties and the challenges of being in a busy finance team at heart, I am a people person.

I have worked in different sectors of the industry but I started in music publishing and I have always wanted to return to it. Starting my own publishing company gives me everything that I am looking for.  I want to build a company to be proud of, doing something that I love with people that I am inspired by.

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