Heather Fenoughty

Heather Fenoughty is an award-winning Composer and Sound Designer based in Sheffield, UK, with credits on BBC1, BBC3 and ITV1 documentaries, BBC2 and BBC4 feature films.



Jake Alder

Jake Alder is a UK-based Music Producer & Songwriter. He has previously been featured on ITV, Channel 4, BBC Introducing, MTV, Complex UK, The 405, & CLASH.

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Kermit Leveridge

Kermit was the original British b-boy, a Ruthless Rap Assassin and founder member of Black Grape, with a #1 album in the UK Charts and critically acclaimed world tours.

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I love to solve problems.

Usually, I solve everyone else’s problems but I found myself stuck in my own career dilemma. Whilst I relish the accounting and analysis of the company royalties and the challenges of being in a busy finance team at heart, I am a people person.

I have worked in different sectors of the industry but I started in music publishing and I have always wanted to return to it. Starting my own publishing company gives me everything that I am looking for.  I want to build a company to be proud of, doing something that I love with people that I am inspired by.

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